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Hello, Carla here.

Gratitude was fully retired on December 31, 2016. Because thousands of you use Gratitude daily and your entries are sacred, I created a new home for them.

Mojo is available on iTunes starting January 10, 2017.

Mojo stands for "more than a journal" and replaced Gratitude. It's just like Gratitude but waaay better.  It's a fun, beautiful, and stable new home for your gratitude journal. Best of all, it's just the start. I have big plans for you and your Mojo in 2017.

Change can be hard, especially when it's sudden. You're at the heart of Mojo's inspiration, so I put a lot of thought into the transition to make it as easy as possible.

On January 10, 2017:

1.  Download Mojo from iTunes 
2.  Create your Mojo account using the same details you used in Gratitude. 
3.  Import your Gratitude Journal.

Thank you so much for getting Gratitude. I'm committed to making Mojo even better!

Carla :)

PS: Keep scrolling to watch my announcement video or read the FAQ's.

Getting Started

What is Mojo?
Mojo stands for "More than a Journal". Using proven gratitude and mindfulness techniques, it's a fun way to train your mind for a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life by noting your day’s best moments. It is my promise that if you write about the things you appreciate in others, life, and in yourself, you will have a dramastic change in just thirty days. If you continue for six months, the change will be so powerful, so strong, that others will not recognize the old you.
How can I get Mojo?
Mojo is available on iTunes and will work on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. My goal is to release Mojo for Android, the web, and Mac in mid-2017. Sign up for my newsletter if you want to be notified of release dates.
How do I import my Gratitude Journal entries?
IMPORTANT: Only entries before 31 December 2016 will import. Anything after 31 December 2016 will NOT import.

1. create a new Mojo account.
2. Create your NEW Mojo account using the same details you used with Gratitude. For example, if you used Facebook to login with Gratitude, create your NEW Mojo account with Facebook too.
3.  Our system will automatically find your Gratitude entries. You will then be prompted to import your Gratitude entries. Entries created AFTER 31 December 2016 will NOT IMPORT.
4. This banner will display confirming your import started
5. DO NOT CLOSE MOJO UNTIL THE SPINNER IS GONE. The spinner indicates that the import is happening in the background. I had over 1000 entries and it took about 10 minutes to import. If many people are importing at the same time, it could take awhile. You can still use the app, just don't close it.
6. Another banner displays letting you know the import is complete. It goes away after 5 seconds so you might miss it. But the spinner will be gone and your entries will be there. 
What if I don't remember what I used to log into the Gratitude app?
For security reasons, I'm unable to send login details used in the Gratitude app. If you don’t recall the method you used to login to Gratitude, you can figure it out through trial and error.

Create your new Mojo account using the same details you think you used to log into the Gratitude app. If it’s the same, you will be prompted to import your Gratitude entries. If you aren't prompted to import, then you used different details. In that case, simple delete the account you just created in Mojo and try again with other details.

Again, for security reasons, we are not sending out any login details. 
What if I don't remember my Gratitude Journal password?
That’s fine! Create a new account with Mojo using the same email address you used in Gratitude and with a new password. Our system will still be able to locate your Gratitude entries so you may import them if you would like to.
What if I don't want to get Mojo right now?
If you don’t want Mojo but want a copy of your journal, download Mojo, import your journal, then export it to PDF (it’s in Settings). After that, delete your account. If you fancy waiting, you have up to December 31, 2017 to import your entries. 


Why did you stop the Gratitude app?
This decision to retire the Gratitude app took me years and conversations with countless experts. In a nutshell, Gratitude was a money pit and the only way to get ahead was to build a new home for our precious gratitude journals. 
Why does Mojo look so different?
Anxiety has skyrocketed in the past few years and is the underlying cause of 80% of all health related issues. That is cray-zee. Focusing on the positive has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and improve health. So why aren't more people doing it? I spent years researching this question and discovered it comes down to either they don't know about it, or they think it's airy-fairy. So I want to make gratitude and mindfulness fun, hip and addictive. 
What if I don't like Mojo?
If Mojo isn't for you, but you still want your Gratitude journal, you have a couple of options:

1. Before Gratitude ends, export your journal to PDF so you have a copy
2. After Gratitude ends, get Mojo, import your journal, then export to PDF. Then delete your account.

Either way, I hope you continue journaling life's best moments because it's proven over and over again that it's the way to unlocking happiness and everything you desire out of life.
Why do I have to pay for Mojo?
I avoided venture capitol and corporate partnerships because the app’s mission and your privacy are at it's heart. In other words, some fat cats won't  snoop your data in exchange for a free app. I'm still working on the final price but promise that Mojo will be 50% off for the first 50 days on iTunes.

Mojo was created with the finest attention to detail by a very small team -- me, Carla -- and I'm committed to making it affordable to everyone.  And, as always, 10% of profits go to charity. 
What about the Gratitude app on my iPhone?
Go ahead and delete it. You won't lose any entries. They are on a secure server waiting to be imported.

MOJO Technical

How do I export my entries to PDF?
Tap on the Buddha to open Settings. You will find the option to export to PDF. Select the date range and tap "export". A PDF copy of your entries will be created that you can email to yourself for safe keeping.
What if I forgot my passcode?
If you set a numeric passcode and can't remember it, delete the app from your device and reinstall it. Don't worry, your entries won't be deleted. Just be sure to log in with the same details you used before. Don't create a new account to log in.
What if I forgot my password?
Tap "Log in" >> "Email" >> "Forgot Password?" >> enter the email address you used to log into the app. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. 
How do I change my login email?
Tap the "Buddha" to open "Settings". Under "Connected Accounts" you will find "Email". Tap to open and there you will find a place to change your email address.

Press or Media?

I realize time is of the essence here's a press kit for you. Got questions? Shoot me an email and I pinky promise to respond straight away.

Didn't find your answer?

Most likely you'll find the answer on Mojo's community support. Just tap on the "Feedback" tab to the right. Or you can click the button below and go directly to the site.