Carla White

Self confidence Promoter

Who created Mojo? Well, that would be me, Carla, a professional app producer turned self-confidence promoter. I love social apps as much as the next girl, but I also believe in a world where people put more value on who you are on the inside than what you're posting online.

I've been producing apps for eight years after my own personal renaissance stumbled me into the business. In other words, on the brink of suicide, I discovered my divine core purpose by keeping a gratitude journal, and in awe of of its miraculous transformative powers, I launched the Gratitude app as result. The year was 2008 and my app, Gratitude, has happily orbited through the top of iTunes charts ever since with the help of Oprah, Telegraph, NPR, BBC, and other major publications.

I've since devoured hundreds of books on neuroscience, self-help, spirituality and religion to grasp how to hack happiness. The principles are simple enough, but making them habitual was another matter. So I made an app for that called Mojo.