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Creating a Mojo account with the same login details and import everything.
Keeping a gratitude journal suddenly got a whole lot cooler and fun!
Coming soon: buddies, progress and getting a hard bound version of your journal.


How do I import my Gratitude entries to Mojo?
Create a new account in Mojo using the same details you used in the Gratitude app. So if you used your Facebook account with Gratitude, use it with Mojo too. Then the app will find your Gratitude account and you will be prompted to import your entries.
I don't remember my login details?
For security reasons, we are unable to send login details used in the Gratitude app. If you don’t recall the method you used to login to Gratitude, you will have to figure it out through trial and error.

Create your new Mojo account using the same details you think you used to log into the Gratitude app. If it’s the same, you will be prompted to import your Gratitude entries. If you aren't asked to import, then you used different details. In that case, delete the account you just created in Mojo and try again with other details.

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In early December 2016, I announced Mojo to our tribe with this exciting video. Enjoy!